Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Writing can be fun and relaxing and very challenging.

Writing is not easy and in my humble opinion, it's not suppose to be. Writing is my talent and I truly have a lot to learn about writing. I'm a firm believer in that no matter if you have a talent, it doesn't mean that you can't be taught. A person's talent goes beyond the basic stuff he or she already knows. There are levels to a talent. If a person stops at what they know, then they will not fully embrace the talent.

I strongly believe that a writer should always have access to the following: Belief in themselves, a dictionary, thesaurus 0r combination of both, and writing material. I tend to write a lot in my head. I have always done that.

I'm not an excellent writer. I am my own worst critic.

Does my writing tend to have errors in them? Yes. Sometimes, I can go back and read something that I have written and notice the typos or wrong word usages. I correct them of course.

If I was to read an author's book. Would I find errors, such as typos? There's a chance that I would. But, as a writer, I know that typos can occur, unaware. I know that when I am typing, I can feel when I make a mistake and I have to go back and fix the error, but that doesn't mean that a typo or two haven't escape me.

Some people, when they read a book, they want perfection. Do people realize that books don't follow grammar rules. If they did, no book would have fragment sentences. No books would have sentences that starts with And. Even punctuations would be used at all times.

Even poets don't follow grammar rules.

I'm a poet as well as a storyteller and I definitely don't follow grammar rules to a tee.

Criticizing is easy to do, but learning something about writing, should be easier.

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